Why I decided to travel

Hello everybody

This my first post and I would like to take a bit of time to tell you how I came to start my uncertain trip!

After I finished school I was quite apprehensive of what would happen next. In my small part of the world everybody i know were doing the same thing, finding  an appartement, a job, a partner, house, marriage, kids, and caught in the rut of having to work to have all these things.

Even though this seemed to be the norm there was something inside of me that just knew that that was not what i wanted. Everybody has to find a job or go studying or do both.  That seems to be the way life should be and people seem happy with it.

So I made my first two steps. Finding a flat and a job. As I was in boarding school since I was eleven there was not a huge change in getting an appartement. In boarding school i had a small room, either shared with a friend or by myself and my first appartement by myself was really small as well but with a bedroom and kitchen which i had to buy and get fitted. I started attending “classes” in my new job as a Technical drawer for a mining company and went to work every day, just like boarding school only with bills to pay and all the crazy  bureaucratic hustle.
The appartement was complete empty when I got it so I had to buy a lot of things like a wardrobe, a washing machine and a lot of other equipment that a flat needs.
The job I had, was an office job, with 9 hours a day including one hour lunch break. I really enjoyed the work and the colleges with which there was a lot of fun sometimes, but it wasnt a 100 percent what I wanted.

After a few months I went for a three-day trip to Croatia. This trip turned out as nine-day trip where I sailed and won my first sail regatta.
This journey awoke a passion for sailing in me and every single minute of my free time I searched for other sailing opportunities.

My next one was a delivery turn of a two mast sail ship Le Verseau from Vlissingen in Holland to Saint Malo in France.
 I worked a lot in this time and when the time was right I was on the next ship. One of the trips was a really relaxed turn around north Croatia in the national park Kornati.
The last journey so far was in October and it was the most adventures one. I sailed the rolex middle sea race 2012 on the Vor60 BigOne.  I thought about the next trip in end of March because of my holiday days and the winter time in my surrounding area. But it never came to this.

In the next month, I acquired my motorbike and driver’s licence and because its hard to go anywhere in my area, I thought about buying a cheap old car. I already started searching for one and my life seems to get more and more settled with the upcoming responsibility and expenses for the car.

As the year comes to an end, my company decides to reduce staff and from one minute of the other I had no job anymore. This regular income, what means safety in our times, just stopped. No safety, what a lot of people need so hard to feel comfortable in life. In the first couple of hours I couldn’t belief it. All my plans were gone all my life what I thought it will be, was gone.

When I got home, my flat was 15 minutes walk from my company, I just sat down put on music and started thinking.

What do I want from life?

What do I expect?

Do I expect anything?

Where do I want to be?

A lot of questions came in my mind for which I had no answers for. In the first moment I felt empty and afraid of the future. What will happen to me?????

The next moment a dream of mine, with I had since I was a little girl, came back in my mind. I got extremely nervous and exited because I decided to travel.
I still don’t know where I want to be or what I want to do but I definitely know what I don’t want to do

I don’t want to be stuck with a car and this flat the next years.
I don’t want to make this kind of job anymore. I want to work that I can live my dreams and not live to work.
The most important thought was that I expect everything what live can offer.

When I told my mom the first time she was very afraid. But I knew when I find a job again, with this safety, with this routine and this comfort we get in very quick, I may never do it.

So I decided to go fly to Phuket in Thailand and started to prepare.

I hope you will enjoy the reading and pictures and I may get you to also start traveling.


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