Big Buddha Phuket

Today I woke up for the first time on the island of Phuket.

My first days in Phuket were amazing. Although the foreign culture and all the unknown things let you fell like a total stranger who has no idea what is going on. I didn’t inform myself at all about the country, the history or the religion. I wanted to learn all this things when I am there and because the people are so nice they are very happy to tell you about their culture.

A few people in the Phuket Backpacking hostel told us about the Big Buddha Phuket. It is not to far away from downtown and we decided to get up early the next morning to see this impressive statue.

A guy from Denmark also wanted to come with us so he got awakened with an ice-cold beer and a straw in it. After a mouthful he was bright awake and we were on the road.

It’s not even a week that I landed in this country but I didn’t wanted to be anywhere else. My whole life still seems like a dream where everything is possible.
To travel faster, cheaper and with more fun we started hitchhiking again. As expected, it took less than two minutes and we sat on the back of a pick-up’s. After the half way of ours, the woman who drove the pick up stopped and wished us good luck.

I already picked up a few Thai words like, hello, goodbye, I wish a good day and so on.

It is really helpful and people smile when u talk (also if it’s not a lot) in their language.

We started to walk. It’s very interesting to walk through this foreign country where a few days ago you never heard about it before. But I did it. I am walking anywhere in Phuket with my new friends and enjoy live like never before.

During walking we found out that some of the street signs in Thailand are not really the most accurate and to be honest, you wouldn’t trust them as far as you could throw them. The first sign we passed said: “Big Buddha 1km”, the second one said: “Big Buddha 15km”

Big Buddha

As we reached the mountain on which the statue stands we already could see the huge Buddha looking down to us. It was a very steep way to the top and we hitchhiked again. One of the local guys who passed by took us up to the top. There we found out that he didn’t even have to come there his self.

On the entry of the Big Buddha I got two orange sheets for covering my shoulders and legs. Not like in Bangkok, the cloths are free here and you give it back when you go outside.

Big Buddha

Big Buddha is a very imposing and spiritual building. It’s not just what you see but what you feel. It’s very peaceful and calm. Also if it’s not my religion I feel welcome and take in this amazing experience. The monks blessed us and we humbly knelt before them. They give each one of us bracelets that should give us long lives. It’s a very special vibe and also in this highly spiritual building they have pictures of the king and his wife. The king maintains an extremely friendly, wise and helpful relationship with his folks. The people are thankful for a lot of things and have a lot of respect from their king.

The way down of the mountain we got a lift again and by tapping on the side of the car, we signalled the driver to stop and we hitchhiked in the other direction to the harbour.

We were about an hour away from downtown.

On our way home we stopped a car again, but his way was in exactly opposite direction of our destination and so he told us that there are a lot of taxis around (which we knew, of course). After we told him that we have no money, he just said “Ahh get on the truck I’ll bring you”

Since there were a total of 2-hour detour for him we declined thankfully and within the next minute we had our next ride, which brought us exactly in front of our hostel.

This day and also the past ones showed me how friendly people are here. They always try to help also if they don’t speak English. One Thai guy we talked to even called a friend of him to translated for us.  I feel very welcomed and already at home in this part of the world.


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