A lot of people I met didn’t like Phuket. They say it’s to trusty, to busy and you get scammed very often.

I had a completely other experience with Phuket. I stayed in the Backpacker Hostel Phuket in the middle of downtown. The surrounding area is crazy. Everything seems to be unorganized and nobody cares. The electricity wires are hanging everywhere. On scooters are 3 or more people and sometimes also with animals.

I experienced a lot of love and hospitality there. I wasn’t in the touristy area. Most people whom life there are from Thailand. On the street I met a few workers who told me that he is from Burma and there are a lot of people from Burma for work.

Most people have smiles in their faces and are extremely helpful and nice.

One night I went out to explore the city but there wasn’t really anything spectacular to see near by. On my way back to the hostel I met a few taxi drivers. They were sitting on the side of the street and drinking beer. I talked to them for a while until one of them said if I want to go to the top of the mountain. This Mountain is in the middle of the city where you can see the whole city but at the moment I had no idea where it’s going. I told that I don’t have a lot of money with me to pay him but he just said that he doesn’t want money. So I climbed on the back of his scooter and I was driving in the middle of Phuket and have no idea where I am, sounds like a fun night.

A half an hour later we reached the peak of a mountain with and stunning few. He showed me the whole city from up there. Phuket is huge! We were sitting down and I took a lot of pictures and enjoyed the moment. We drove back and I was so amazed about the kindness of strangers.

Phuket is a great Island with beautiful beaches with with nearly nobody there. More north you also can make a hike through the jungle to see waterfalls. You just have to know where to go. Talking to the locals is a huge help and also asking in the hostels and talking to other travellers. I can recommend everybody to go to Phuket. As long as you stay away from the famous tourist places like Batong and Bangtao beach you will have an amazing trip.


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