Visite in Switzerland

Right now I am in Montreal and it’s the 4th of September.

I just went through my posts and when I read this one I realized that there is a lot more to say than there was so I decided to go over it again and add some thoughts I didn’t had at this time because I just was so excited about everything new. With the knowledge and the experience I gained from now over 9 months of traveling I see a lot of things different and a lot of important things became unimportant but more important the writ things became more important. I realized a lot more that the best things in live are not things or where on earth you are its more important with whom you shared this moment because that’s what makes great memories.

I spent now four days in Phuket, four great days and when I look back I don’t know why I didn´t took more time to explore Phuket. It was four extraordinary days in which my complete life changed and I started to realize that this is my new home, my new life. I meet some great people there and I am still in contact with them and I am a 100% sure that I see these people again. Somehow they became family and we all looking forward to see each other again.

After these days in the Bag backer Hostel, Stefan a guy from Germany and I headed north. It was very easy to come along per hitchhiking but the time in between where you have to walk is not that easy. My back bag is was very heavy at the time because I carried my oil suit for the sailing. Unfortunately my plans in Thailand changed so much that it never happened and my suit lies until today in a hostel in Chang Mai managed by a German guy with his wife. We didn’t walked to fast; we took our time and enjoyed the new impressions. They’re a few waterfalls in Phuket and because we had now time limits we decided to see one. The entry to the waterfalls was so far out-of-the-way that we were rally lucky to find a ride.

The entry fee was about 250 Bath and we also left our back bags there when we started the hike to the falls. At first we were not quit sure about leaving the bags but we ended up talking our passports and the money. About 10 minutes later we were extremely happy about leaving our bags. The hick brought us in the middle of the jungle and the most time we weren´t sure if we are still on the path.

We have seen huge trees with immense roots, meter high bamboo and lianas. Just take a look at the pictures its like in an other world. As we reached the waterfall we were a little disappointed about the high of the waterfall, but we already realized that Thai people are satisfied with very little J

But honestly a lot of the waterfalls are not very interesting in dry season (this of cause depends where you are) the hike to them on the other hand is amazing.

We were a little relived when we reached the entry again before we thought about our back bags. We already believed that we had to walk the whole way back to the main road with our f***ing heavy bags. As we noticed the car standing ready to leaf at the road we ran there and were very surprised to be able to talk German with him.

His name was Hans and he is from Switzerland. He lives in with his wife Geo, she is from Thailand, in Surin. After a little talk they invited us to their house. We were really surprised about this kindness and accepted happily.

A short drive later we arrived their house, which they built in 2008.  It’s a beautiful house with a nice garden and a lot of palm trees. The main attraction is Jang, a beautiful black and white bird who flies around in the house and the garden and apparently lands on someone’s shoulder.

We got a five-star luxury room with extremely comfy teak bed and air condition. On this evening we enjoyed Geo’s cooking abilities and had spaghetti. We liked to eat food we are used to again. We had a long talk outside on the tears and Hans told us the sorry about him moving to Thailand. Stefan and I were supremely lucky to meet these pleasant people and to enjoy their hospitality.

On the next day there was a wonderful breakfast for us provided. Hans told us about a beach and we head out in a beautiful day. The sun was shining, it was about 30 degrees, no clouds and after a funny ride to the beach we found the perfect spot. There was nearly nobody. It’s on of the most beautiful beaches I have seen in whole Thailand so far. The ocean was clear with a lot of waves, the sand very hot and soft and the trees spent nice shadow to relax. We had a fun day with lots of beautiful impressions in the middle of the touristic place Phuket.

Back at Hans and Geo’s house a beautiful Thai food was waiting for us. Looking back to my time in Thailand it still was one of the best meals I have ever had. We went to bed quit early and the next morning Hans and Geo gave us a lift to the mainland. Geo arranged a lift for us to Phuket. It was a bit easier for her because she specks Thai.

When I wrote this article the first time I was sitting in the hostel we luckily got for 400 Bath. We went out for food and for a walk and Stefan was really tired so he went to bed. I was sitting on the roof top balcony and this evening changed my whole trip again. I meet Raymond later this night and he decided to come with us.

I wish u all a great day from Krabi


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