Railay Beach

Railay Beach is vey turistic but places just get turisy if they can offer something and Railey Beach definitely wont let you down. I went there by long-tail-boat and it was about 400 – 600 Bath. Its not the cheapest place to reach but a must see when you are in Krabi. It has beautiful beaches souroundet by sharp rocks. There are amazing climbing spots and hidden places what you can reach when you walk a little bit around. I definitely seen a lot to lesss of the place and have to go back some day, but what I have sean was spectacular. The first beach I reached was very crouded and not a lot of fun. There wasnt eveb a space where I could put my stuff. It was always within one arm lengh of the persons around. I went into the water with my stuff holded above my head. I reached an other beach and climed over the rocks to the other side. There was nobody just natures beauty. The amazing orange calour of the rocks mixed withe the gran of the plant and the deep blue of the sea made these impression unforgettable.
When you arrive with a long tail boat the driver will tell you a time hen the last boat will head back to to Krabi. Becouse of the tide there is a certain time they need to leaf the island to be able to reach the beach in Krabi.

4 responses to “Railay Beach

  1. Hi! Das 9. Foto mit der kleinen Gebirgskette im Hintergrund sieht ja interessant aus! Was ist denn das für ein Gebirge? Wo seid ihr denn da genau? Liebe Grüße! M&M

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