Koh Bulone the lonley Island


Koh Bulone

Not far north-east of Koh Lipe is Koh Bulone. It cost about 600 Bath and half an hour on a very small ferry to go there.
As soon as you arrive Koh Bulone you can feel the peace and serenity of this island. The large part of the population consists of nomads who spend the dry season in Koh Bulone and move in the rainy season on an island that is more suitable. The other part of the population lives with a small business or a restaurant the whole year there. There is a single bar on the island and one policeman. The officer puts his uniform only on when his boss comes for a control visit. One night I was sitting with a few locals to celebrate Sun´s birthday. Sun is from Koh Bulone and is married to an German girl. Tere were also other peple from Germany and Swizerland and to the question how long they are allready on vecetion here, the answer was 21 years. It was a great puns of people witch also includes the polic officer from the island. He learnd me a few words in Thai and he had great fun pronouncing the german words. In one poind he built a joint and started it arround. He also told me that there was no crime on the island since over 20 years.

A friend from Italy recommended the Jungle Huts Resort. It is located half way up to Mango Bay, between tall trees and plenty of wildlife. On the  day we arrived, there unfortunately no bungalow  free.   We took a tent for 100 Bath the night. The tent was very spacious and we even could stand upright in it. After three days, a bungalow was free. We paid 200 Bath for a normal sized bungalow with toilet and shower. On this island you do not have to worry about great expenses.
There are not a lot af bungalows on the island becouse it is so smal and turistic undefeloped. I can highly recommed the jungle huts. They are very cheap from 100-300 Bath and you also can eat there. The bussines is runned by an unbelefeably industrals woman who also has a travelagency in backbara as rainy season job. The food is delicious and very cheap 50-80Bath. There is one thing you will find out very soon. You are not the importanst person just becouse you bring a lottle money to there. One time we ordert breackfast straight after we got up in the morning. We went for a swim and for  a talk with the locals in there hut on the baeach. After about 1 1/2 hour we thought we will be a lot to late for food. But we still had to wait for over 15 minutes. The eople ther etake there time. Most of the time they have a stressless life and enjoy that with friends and family. Everybody is friendly and wants to know where you from and how the weathere is in your country…..Most of the locals are Moslems. they also have a church with speackers for the praying, but they are not raly loud. When you are there you will experience that no connection between religion and force. They threat you as if you are one of them. They dont give a shit where you are from or wich religion you are as long as you are a nice person your are one of them.

Koh Bulone is the home for  the whole series of animals what you dont want to meet in the night. Especially not when there is no electricity on the island, just from 6pm to midnight . There are huge lizards, a fiarity of poison snakes and a lot very colorful butterfly’s and birds. The same diversity of colors can be seen in the ocean. The sea is glas clear, filled with corals and fish. You shouldnt miss the snorkeling in Koh Bulone. There are a lot of long-tai-boat drivers around who bring you where ever you want in exchange against a few hundred Bath.



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