Seam Reap (Cambodia)

The Floating Village
We finally found a new plan to go to the floating village “tourist trap” that had skipped the first day.
Our TukTuk driver has negotiate a good price, so we returned in the late afternoon after enjoying the swimming pool, because it really super hot in this country! From 37 to 38 °
The village has kept its promises because it is a true scam organized or makes us believe we need to buy a bag of rice in the “community market” for nourishment of the children of the floating school, but the bag of rice in question is 50kg and costs $ 75!
Our driver had warned us to buy anything made ​​in because the money goes into their pockets and not to the school …
In short, however, the lake is huge and the floating village consisting mainly of family fisherman is very impressive.
It’s still a great experience we will not regret because we have the opportunity to play with the kids, snakes, crocodiles etc see. It was still outperform beautiful!

Ankor Wat
Its just amazig. One time in life everybody should see that!!!!!

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