How and why to find a Travel Partner


How to find a travel partner step by step guide

Have you had enough of your day-to-day routine? Do you have some holidays coming up? Do you want to go on an adventure in Brazil or make lifetime memories on the tropical beaches of Thailand? Do you want to travel the world?

One Problem! You can’t find somebody to travel with you!!!!

+In this article I am going to explain step by step how to find a travel partner.

+I will share my own experiences and I will tell you why you never will be alone on the road if you don’t want to.

Sometimes you are in a point in your life where you decided to break the monotony of working life. To do something extraordinary, something different, something what puts excitement into back into your life.

When you decide to travel in another country where you never had been before and you don’t really know what to expect it can be very frightening.

When I started to travel I got to hear from my family and friends how dangerous every other place on earth is. I heard some really scary horror stories about border crossings and that every TukTuk is a scam.

But the truth is, its like everywhere else on earth. There are places you know you are safe and other areas you want to leaf as quick as possible.

You will experience a lot of scams and people who just want your money but you will experience so much more people who just want to be nice and help you. Most people are friendly and when you give them a chance you will recognise that very quick.

Always remember experiences of other people are not yours, you have to make you own ones, but there is nothing wrong with getting some advice and be careful.

You can read all travel blogs, guides or books and you will still experience the country different. A lot of things will be like described in the articles but no guide or book can save you from the situations you will encounter during travelling.

It could be a mix up with the booking of a hotel or hostel, for some “Internet error” reason, or a missed flight, bus or boat.

To go traveling, especially if it is your first time is a huge step in the unknown.

To have somebody with you, who you can combat the same fears with, can help both of you to become more confident.

It is a lot easier to stay calm and get through difficult situations when you are not alone, and is also good training for when you have to deal with things on your own.

And hey, the most important fact is that it’s always more fun to be together and have shared memories!

You will deal with a lot of these situations, whether big or small and you will get better in coping with them over time.

To make the beginning of your journey more relaxed you can search for a travel partner. A lot of people told me that they tried to convince their friends to come with them but nobody wanted to make this step. It can be very hard to find some one to travel with from your friends at home, but this should not be such a big stumbling block.

It is very rare that holiday’s match up because most people don’t have a 100% free choice of the date of their days off.

But don’t worry there is a solution!

Bellow are 3 links which offers free service in finding a travel partner, getting trip ides and lot a helpful reviews for hostels, cities, bars and so on. All this pages are very simple to get started and to find the information you are looking for.

You can use your Facebook account and choose a password for your profile. It is very easy to find your way through the webpage and a lot of people all over the world are using this page.

You also have the option to find a hostel or hostel on this page, as well as travel tours.

The sing up is also very straightforward. It is also very easy to find other travellers in your region of choice. You also get information and reviews about the places you plan to visit. It shows you for every place some general information, people who are currently traveling there and people who are lifting there and also thing to do. All this information you get on one really good organised page when you searching for a country.

If you are a woman and search for a female travel partner you can get started here. This webpage is for connecting women all over the globe, offers a lot of adventure Ideas and general travel tips.


Social networks like Facebook, CouchSurfing or pages like Gumtree, Craigslist have also a great interface to find Travel Company.

A lot of people publish the plans for their trips on such platforms and maybe you also would be interested in driving the Mae Hong Son loop with the motorbike or go Volcano Boarding in Nicaragua.

Here is the step by step guide to make it as easy as possible for you.

How to find a travel partner step by step

Have fun planning your trip!


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