How to find a travel partner step by step

This is a step by step guid wich will make it very easy to find a travel partner by just following this 4 simple steps:

Step 1

On these travel partner platforms you will find people who have similar worries, passion, excitement and recurring second thoughts like you have about starting your travel adventure.

It’s also a great place to search for adventures for your travels.

If you signed up for an account you can start with finishing your profile and start looking for people with the same destinations, interests and hobbies.

If you don’t find anybody on the first web page you signed up to, don’t worry there are plenty of travellers out there searching for a partner. Sign up on another webpage and continue you search.

Step 2

If you find an interesting profile of a traveller, try to get in contact. (Mail, Facebook, Skype)

It is very important that you find out as much as possible from each other.

Read the member’s profile carefully and look for reviews from other members or friends.

If the traveller doesn’t live to far from you, you should definitely try to meet him/her in person.

In my case my travel partner was from Germany and it is really far away from where I stayed so we talked a few times on the phone and chatted on Facebook.

Step 3

When you talk to your possible future travel partner be completely honest. Tell them what your plans are, what you expect and what you like and dislike. Try to find out if you could see yourself, travelling with this person.

If you decide during your travels that you don’t want to go in the same direction, you can separate everywhere and every time. Your not tied to this person in any way and you should make that also clear before the start of you travels.

Step 4

As soon as you start traveling you meet other travellers. They are everywhere from now on. Travellers and also you, stay in hostels, have a (huge) backpack and are mostly easy-going people. That means as soon as you are on the road you will meet a lot of interesting people you can travel with.

Especially in well-travelled places like South/East Asia or India travellers are all around you.

The people you meet on the road are sometimes the most valuable source of information as, where to have your next dinner, knowledge about great hostels and sometimes they even know where you should go next.

If you are not tied to any pre determined travel schedule you can change your plan every single second if you want, and open the doors of possibilities to where you can go on your travels.

As you will see your plans will change so often that you don’t even remember where you wanted to go in the first place (IN A GOOD WAY) 🙂

There are many ways to travel. If it is by your own or in company, it will always work out for you. You will find a lot of friends on the road, some of them you will see again and some of them not. But from every person who crosses your way, you can learn something and gain experience. And the best thing you get is an unforgettable memory.

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