Holidays are always to short

Whenever I went on holiday, if it was a week with my parents in a resort in Tunisia or on a boat in France, the trip was always over just when you wished it could have carried on a lot longer.

It was always on the last days that I found amazing people to spend time with or a breath-taking place where I wished I could have seen just one more sunset.

But it was over.


Does it seem familiar to you? Why not go on a month vacation or even longer?

I definitely think that everybody should travel at least once in a lifetime. I mean not just a two-week all-inclusive holiday in Turkey or a trip on a cruse ship.

I am talking about proper traveling.

Jump into new places, meet the best people and exactly in the moment when your 2 week vacation would be over, exactly after this two weeks you will realise what travel means.

You can go on with your new-found friends, do all the crazy things they are talking about and just let go. Let the road open up in front of you and see where it will lead you.

You should experience at least a month in your adult life where you have no responsibility or what so ever. You are completely free to do what ever you want.


On month without thinking about working or complaining about how short the weekend was, because the weekend never stops.

Every day is another great day where you don’t go to work and you can do what brings you the most pleasure in your heart.

Everyday is another day where you live for you and not a rich boss with a Porsche.

As soon as you let go, all the responsibilities what you carry around with you at home fall of you and you can experience the true travel spirit.

You don’t worry about tomorrow whether you know what’s going to happen or not.

And believe me when I say you never know exactly what’s going to happen.

You meet great people, hear about inspiring places and learn new things about yourself everyday.

When I was in school history and geography were two of the most boring lessons ever, taught by uninspired teachers with no real passion for the subject. You just learn about places where ever they are in the world, about wars, new regimes and huge mountain chains.

But all that is not so interesting when you don’t have any connection to the places. I was horrible at geography and when I was booking my flight to Phuket I honestly had to look up which country I am going to be arriving in.

10 Months later I know the names of cities in Thailand, mountains in Scotland and the history of Cambodia.

I have seen all these things and places, and I don’t have to learn where they are because I was there, and I have seen them with my own eyes, and not just a picture in a book.


You will discover interests you never had before and after a while you will start thinking differently.

You will think differently because you have more knowledge and experience. If it is the interaction with people or how to deal with situations where you could explode, you will get better at it.

All that just because of a longer vacation?

When you travel it is not really a vacation. You don’t try to fit in as many tourist attractions as you can, eat as much as you can at the all you can eat to get your moneys worth. Although there are more and more geographical stamp collectors around.

Traveling is not luxury. It is sitting in a lot of small busses with a lot to many people and luggage inside it, it is booking a hotel in Bangkok and ending up in Bang Na! Where the F**k is Bang NAAAA????

But all these things do not really matter because you are on an adventure. And as they say in 180° South (very good travel documentary) you know that it is an adventure when things start going wrong.

Wrong is not always bad it just means that the plan has to change and that is the time when the fun begins. When the adventure starts and you don’t know what happens next, the only thing you do know is, where ever you end up it will be awesome.

So make a start, get going and find your adventure so that you have something amazing bedtime stories to tell your kids.

Go out there so you can have something that you can look back at, and say, “ Yea I did that and it was the best time in my life and I would never want to miss it”

Go out there to experience life!


tell me your thoughts

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