Tanote Bay (Koh Tao,Thailand)

A beautiful place to spend your time!


Tanote Bay is famous for its huge rock in the middle of the sea where you are welcome to jump down.


Mountains, local houses and a whole lot of nature is surrounding the place.

The few resorts what are located in Tanote bay are quite expensive because of the exclusive location.

The Poseidon Resort is your resort when you decide to stay there for longer.

The road to go there is quite challenging, but after a few times you knew exactly which lane you need to go to have good fun at driving.

 Koh TaoCheck out the sign for the steepness on the left hand side 😉

Tanote Bay is also perfect for a one-day trip to relax on the beach and go to Jah Bar for a fruit shark.

For a nice dinner you can go to the View Point Restaurant and enjoy the sunset.

So far away from everything is a lot of wildlife. We have seen snakes, mountain crabs, geckos, lizards and a lot more.

Have fun there I will be back for sure!


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